Thanks to TESCO for the Bags of Help scheme which has kindly donated £4000 to assist in our life saving mission in the Keith region!

Funding Defibrillators for Moray

All donations are gratefully received, thank you.


WE JUST installed our 20th DEFIB!!!!!


Our aim is to increase the survival rates for those unfortunate enough to suffer a cardiac arrest. We don't know when it will happen or who it will happen to, so we need as many publicly accessible defibrilators as we can.


Every moment waiting for a defib is a moment wasted and chances of survival and recovery diminish rapidly.


Defibs need to be in a heated locked box (with a code available from emergency services) and our hope is that the council and private businesses will assist by providing space and power to the units to enable widespread placement of these defibs.

We are a constituted group with the intention of raising funds for the purchase, installation and maintenance of defibrillators within the Moray region. We will also assist in the training of the public in CPR and AED use.

The motivation for this Fundraising Group was the sudden cardiac arrest of Forres dad Ken Glass in Feb 2017.


We are getting funding in place for AEDs to be located in remote and rural parts of Moray.

Click on Images below for Ken's Press and Journal Storys

Click on image below for Radio 4 interview about Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy with Ken and his Cardiologist.

Big thank you to MBW for hosting us in 2018!


All proceeds of charitable events throughout the year went to Defibs for Moray!


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